The STEELMAN 60662 109-Piece Universal Homeowner Tool Set with Metal Storage Box contains the tools needed to tackle a wide range of basic home, appliance, and vehicle repairs. Included in this set are 18 1/4-inch and 16 3/8-inch 6-point sockets along with a 3/8-inch F to 1/4-inch M reducer, a 72-tooth 3/8-inch drive ratchet, a 3-inch 3/8-inch drive extension bar, and a 1/4-inch drive spinner handle. Also included are two sets of hex keys, 8 metric and 9 SAE, 3 slotted and 2 Philips screwdrivers, a folding utility knife, 16-ounce steel claw hammer, 9-inch magnetic torpedo level, 25-foot/7.5m tape measure, and 4 pairs of pliers in 7-inch linesman, 6-inch diagonal cutting, 6-inch needle node, and 10-inch slip-joint styles. All tools come in a durable steel 2-drawer tool box. This convenient storage box has smooth operating ball bearing slides and includes drawer liners to keep tools from sliding around too much during transport. To prevent the drawers from opening, this compact tool chest has a built-in central locking system that secures the drawers closed when the lid is closed for worry-free transport. Ideal for both beginner and professional DIYers alike, or as an emergency tool kit kept in the car trunk this set has what you need to save money by doing the job yourself.


  • FIX IT YOURSELF - Contains 109 tools to easily tackle basic household, appliance, and vehicle repairs
  • 3/8" AND 1/4" SOCKETS - 1/4" Drive Tools: 18 sockets spinner handle; 3/8" Drive Tools: 16 sockets, 72-tooth ratchet, 3" extension and 3/8" to 1/4" reducer
  • 22 FASTENER TOOLS - Includes 5 screwdrivers (3 slotted and 2 Philips) and 2 folding hex key sets (8-piece metric and 9-piece SAE)
  • 40 HEX BITS - For added utility, kit includes 40 hex bits with 4 plastic holders and a 1/4" socket adapter for dealing with less common fasteners
  • MAGNETIC LEVEL - To hang those pictures and stop that washing machine from wobbling, set comes with a 9-inch magnetic torpedo level
  • 4 PLIERS - Get a grip with either the included 7" linesman, 6" diagonal cutting, 6" needle nose, or 10" slip-joint pliers
  • ADDITIONAL TOOLS - Other tools in set include a 25' / 7.5m measuring tape, 16oz steel claw hammer, and folding utility knife
  • STEEL TOOL BOX - Durable, easy to transport 2-drawer steel tool box with metal hardware and built-in drawer locking system


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Lifetime Limited Warranty