Fish out metal objects from drains, grab them from behind furniture, and pry them from the dark depths of engine compartments with the STEELMAN 41828 24-Inch Flexible Shaft Magnetic Pickup Tool. Ideal for plumbers, mechanics, inspectors, and homeowners, this ultra-convenient tool features a slim flex shaft that can bend and adjust to work through pipes, around corners, and past obstructions to reach items beyond the reach of straight telescoping retrievers. With a 24-inch reach, all but the deepest of corners are now within your reach whether they are in the garage, office, or around the house. The dipped handle provides a secure and comfortable grip when fishing for objects and the small but strong plastic housed magnet on the end can lift up to 1.5-pounds of washers, nuts, screws, keys, pins, paperclips… You name it, this handy tool can pick it up!


  • RETRIEVE FERROUS ITEMS - Pickup tool is ideal for the retrieval of ferrous metal items like nails, screws, pins and more
  • FLEXIBLE SHAFT - Flexible 24-inch shaft can reach inside curved pipes and other hard-to-reach spaces
  • 1.5-POUND CAPACITY - Small but strong plastic housed magnet can lift up to 1.5-pounds of steel or ferrous metal objects
  • ACCESS TIGHT SPACES - Measuring 1-inch tall and 1/2-inch wide the magnet can fit into tight spaces
  • PADDED GRIP - Plastisol dipped, padded handle provides a secure, comfortable grip
  • IDEAL FOR WORK OR HOME - Ideal for plumbers, home inspectors, and homeowners
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY - Covered by a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty


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Lifetime Limited Warranty

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