Keep vehicles safe and on the road longer with Steelman diagnostic tools. Precision engineered to meet or exceed industry specifications, these diagnostic devices help you pinpoint and identify the sources of troubling noises and other signs of wear so that repairs can be done early to prevent breakdowns.

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  1. #78758
    Right Angle OBDII Extension Cable
  2. #65001
    EngineEAR Stethoscope
  3. #60019
    USB to OBDII Memory Saver Cord
  4. #413
    EngineEAR Replacement Metal Probe
  5. #411
    EngineEAR Replacement Wand
  6. #06800
    EngineEAR II Stethoscope
  7. #06606
    ChassisEAR/EngineEAR Combination Kit
  8. #06400
    Stethoscope Electronic TracerEAR
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